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Sgt. Bruce Meyers
US Arm (ret)

Sgt. Bruce Meyers US Army (ret) worked for two years as an advisor on Tour of Duty. In season three he was an assistant to Col. Mike Christy US Army (ret) and also had parts of "squad members" in several episodes
Bruce was born and lived most of his life in So California. (Santa Monica). He was in the surfing click, and spent most of his free time in the water but also played baseball and coached high school baseball.

Military Bio
1965-68 US Army Infantry morter team leader,; 1968 went to Army Aviation School, Ft Rucker, Al. 1968-69 RVN: Helicopter Air Crew ( Hueys ). Also spent 5 years as a recruiter, now retired from the Army.

TOD 1988-1990: Bruce explains: " I guess you would say that my position was unique. I had hands on with all the main actors, and worked directly with each director of each episode. I was also very involved on aviation days involving the helicopter and the crew. ( military aspects )
In addition, I actually took part in various episodes
I had to keep in mind what the veteran would see, but also focus on what the camera would pick up. Blending the two was a challenge.

What was so interesting about my role for two years, was the never knowing what the next request would be. From doing a double for Ramon, jumping into the chopper, or doing a scene for a guest actor, who could not return for a re-shoot of a specific scene. (Navy Seal episode ).

I was the assistent technical advisor season 2 & 3. 1988-90. and I had the opportunity to actually tech advise two episodes on my own. In the photo of me with Stephen: I doubled for the actor in a re-take of a scene going through bamboo. Stephen and Terry were in the scene. Malcolm Jamal Warner.. ("The Volunteer"). We really had a great week together. I did everyhing from tech advise to double work to semi-stunt work in the helicopter."

Bruce will relate some of his "TOD" stories from working on the set.

More Pics from Bruce
Bruce's pics of General & Mrs. Hal Moore (We Were Soldiers Once.. ) from his recent visit with the General.
A recent Interview with Bruce about his work as a technical advisor on TOD

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