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Frequently Asked Questions
About Tour of Duty

Below are some of the most popular and frequently asked questions about the show that both the webmasters and advisors have been asked.
If you do not see the answer to your question here please feel free to post it on our Tour of Duty Fans Message Board and one of the show's advisors OR another fan may be able to answer it for you.

What was the hardest part of filming?
(This questions was posed on our Fans Message Board and was answered by two cast members and a TOD Technical Advisor)

The toughest part of filming was wareing all that gear. It was so heavy an a lot of our backs went out every week.The hot sun was hard also but nothng like the heavy packs and all the gear. - Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. ( Spec. Marcus Taylor Season 1-3)

I do not remember anyone getting hurt. At least to the point that it made a difference. Everyone had the normal stuff that went with the territory. I actually had a close call while we were filming a helicopter scene at night. I was sitting with Carl Weathers, and talking to the stunt pilot Peter McKernan on the hand held, when a rock hit me in the eye. Anytime you have a helicopter, rifles, or any type of military equipment, you run the risk of injury. I stopped more then one "extra" from walking to close to the tail rotor. - Bruce Meyers TOD Technical Advisor 1988-90

I was not allowed after the first few shows that I appeared in to go up in the helicopter for insurance reasons. It was a real drag because I really started getting into it and wanted to try and fly but was unfortunatly not able to. The hardest part of that show was nothing, serously, It was a just great being out there and being paid to pretend I never had a moment where I thought boy this is rough. Maybe the other guys feel different but I just thought it was a great opportunity. That's it I hope it answers your question. Oh I don't know if someone ever got hurt from the explosions they were always very carefull. Miguel got punched one time during a stunt fight which was unfortunate but happens often with those things. Thanks for all the fans interest! - Dan Gauthier (Mckay) Season 2-3

1. Where was Tour of Duty filmed?
Season one was filmed in Hawaii. Season two & three were filmed just outside Los Angeles. This move was for financial reasons.

2. Why don't they play the original music from the show on TNT?
Most likely TNT did not purchase the rights to the music. This is a copyright issue.

3. Are there any plans for a reunion show or movie?
At this time no.. however since many of the cast members would be willing to do such a show it is up to the fans to let TNT or Canadian History Television know their wishes by writing to them. tnt@turner.com OR feedback@historytelevision.ca

4. Is there anywhere I can purchase the entire set of the Tour of Duty Episodes? And are they available on DVD?
No, as far as we know there is no place that is selling the show on video. However you may want to check on Ebay since many times fans are selling sets there. They are not available anywhere on DVD at this time that we are aware of.

5. Is there anywhere I can purchase the soundtrack to Tour of Duty with he original songs?
No, again as far as we know there is no place that is selling such a soundtrack other than on Ebay. Several places do sell songs from the "60's" however which include many of the songs used in ToD. For more info on the music from ToD go to our TOD Music page

6. Do any of the cast members visit this site and/or reply to fans? And how can I contact any of the cast?
Several of the cast and crew members from the show have visited this site. Several of the show'todmain.html"target="_blank">Main Page
You can contact the cast members at the addresses on our Addresses Page and occasionally fans have gotten replies to their mail.

7. Do the cast members still stay in touch with each other?
Yes they do.

8. What have the cast members been doing since the show was over. Where can I find out what they are doing now?
You can visit our Stars of Tour of Duty page to find individual websites for each of the stars. You can get detailed info on them by visiting their sites. For info on what most of the cast is doing now visit our Where Are They Now page.

9. Can I get scripts from the show?
There is a site on the intenet Television Scripts where they can be purchased. Also many are sold on Ebay, some autographed by cast members.

10. Why do some of the soldiers wear an Ace of Spades card on their helmets?
The Ace of Spades is called "the Death card" or the "Death-dealers card". Its use in Vietnam meant, approximately: "I understand that my job means killing the enemy. I am ready to do so." Think of it as the opposite of the Peace sign. /Lee Russell/TOD Advisor1987-89 / Vietnam1967-68

11. Why is Percell a Corporal in the first episode, but only a Private First Class later on?
This is just a mistake of the show's original writers. During the Vietnam War the Army made little use of the rank of Corporal. It was generally reserved for "busted" Sergeants. In 1967, in the Pay Grade of E-4, Army had 220,000 Specialist 4's, but only 2,000 Corporals./ Lee Russell / TOD Advisor 1987-89 / Vietnam 1967-68

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