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Lt. Col. Mike B. Christy worked as a military advisor to Tour of Duty from 1989-1990 in Season Three and also starred in in the show as Major Duncan.

Read an Interview with Col. Christy by Vietnam Magazine dated October 1989 concerning his role as Technical Advisor to Tour of Duty

He has also starred in several movies such as "Enter the Dragon",
"High School Black Belt", "Desperate Mission", "River of No Return" and "Inchon"

Since his work with Tour of Duty Col. Christy has been writing and producing documentaries for The History Channel, A&E and TLC. Some of his recent productions on THC are "Modern Marvels/ Private Jets" and "Modern Marvels/ Camouflage & Booby Traps"

1-28-2003 Upcoming TV Shows/Projects
Modern Marvels
Booby Traps
Tuesday , February 4th 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST
Wednesday, February 5th 2am -3am EST
on The History Channel (Produced by Michael B. Christy)

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