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Stephen Caffrey as Lt. Myron Goldman

Stephen Caffrey was born in Cleveland, Ohio and landed his first major acting part in the ABC Soap "All My Children".
for which he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 1985 in the Outstanding Juvenile/Young Man in a Drama Series.
He eventually was chosen for the part of Lt. Goldman because of his role in the Robert Conrad movie Hard Knox

Stephen brilliantly played the part of Goldman in the series and was comically described as "a one take wonder !" by an extra (Wayne Dines)* who worked on the set of TOD, Stephen eventually directed an episode of Tour of Duty titled "War is a Contact Sport" and went on to do several movies and guest appearances in several tv shows as well as theater in both New York and Los Angeles.

He is single and currently lives in both New York and Los Angeles.

Some Interviews with Stephen

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Interview 4
Concerning his appearance in All My Children that appeared in Soap Opera Digest dated 11-85.

Stephen also dircted an episode of Tour of Duty in Season 3 ( Contact Sport)

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A discussion between Lt. & Doc Hock

A discussion between Lt. Goldman and Horn

Stephen at his best as Lt. Goldman

Another discussion between Lt.& Horn

Click HERE to hear an audio of Sgt. Anderson telling Lt.Goldman his thoughts of him when they first met

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Stephen being coached by MSgt. Charles Pich, a military advisor to TOD during a shooting of a TOD episode.

*courtesy: Sandra_Holland

*courtesy: Tom Richards

*courtesy: Tom Richards

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Some of Stephen's other roles and guest appearances....

Stephen has appeared in many tv shows since Tour of Duty including the following:
(To see pictures, info, videos and audio of the following shows click on the links)

The Big Easy

Longtime Companion

Murder She Wrote/ Murder in F Sharp

919 Fifth Ave.

LA Law

Columbo Goes to College

The Babe

For Richer, For Poorer

Diagnosis Murder (3 Movies)

The Boys of Twilight (tv series 1992)

Murder of Innocence

Remedy for Murder (made for tv movie- year unknown)

Young Indiana Jones & the Hollywood Follies

Safe Harbor (ABC Afterschool Special - Year Unknown)

Nothing Lasts Forever


Chicago Hope

Buried Alive II


The Practice

The Profiler

NBC's Providence

Judging Amy

Touched By An Angel

HBO Movie " Blowback"
DVD Pics

Murder She Wrote/Killer Radio

Stephen also was the voice of "Scabby" in the Disney show"Dinosaurs"(Episode#28 "Leader of the Pack") in 1992

For copies of any of Stephen's movies and/or tv shows see our Tapes page for more info.
Please Note: We cannot make copies of any copyrighted movies

In addition to TV and movies Stephen also has done and continues to do theater.He was very active in drama in High School. "Godspell", (in which he played Judas), "The Mouse That Roared", "Up the Down Staircase," and
"Rough N Ready" are just a few of the many plays he starred in during High School.

Below are some of his more recent theater performances

"Bargains" 1992 at The Old Globe Theater

"A Doll's House" & "The Scarlett Letter" at the Classic Stage Company.

*photo by: T. Charles Erikson
Stephen with Cynthina Nixon in "The Scarlett Letter/1994-1995

"The Fox" at the Westbeth Theater

"The Miser"at the Hartford Stage

"Cost of Business" at the Met in Los Angeles

"Jeffrey" at the Theater in the Square on San Francisco

"Immediate Hound "and "Cosmetic Surgery" at the Immediate Theater in Chicago

"I Hate Hamlet" 1995 The Royal George Theater in Chicago 1995
Read an interview with Stephen about this play dated Dec.1995

"Zephyr" in Los Angeles

"Apocalyptic Butterflies" (Director)

" The Singers Boy" 1997
The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco
A Review of The Singers Boy

"Ce Qui Arrive et Ce Qu'on Attend" (What You Get and What You Expect) 2000
New York City

"Body of Bourne"June 5th thru July 15th, 2001 Ahamnson Theater Los Angeles

"93 Acres of Barley" at "The Evidence Room" in Los Angeles.
( workshop production ) in November 2001

93 Acres of Barley
Written by Ain Gordon
Directed by Corey Madden
It starts with a dream. A house. An acre of destiny. A barley field.
It's 1915. Harry and Lillian Culver build a city. Things change.
Betrayals. Regrets. Movies get made. Way later. It's 1999. Izzy and Justin buy their
dream house. In Culver's city. Two couples testing the boundaries of love
versus the boundaries of land. A new play from the author of "The First
Picture Show" and "The Family Business".

Stephen is currently doing theater workshops in both Los Angeles New York.
We will post any new info on his current projects as we receive the information

The Stephen Caffrey Fans Message Board

We were fortunate to have met Stephen and saw him perform on stage on a few occasions.
Some Pics of our visit with Stephen in NYC

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