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Tour of Duty

Updated 11-08-03
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Tour of Duty, which first aired on CBS on September 24th 1987 was a series about the soldiers of Bravo Company led by Cpt. Rusty Wallace ( Kevin Conroy), Lt. Myron Goldman ( Stephen Caffrey) and Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox). The series was best appreciated not only for its illustration of the tragedies of the war but also for its portrayal of the personal lives of the individual platoon members and their interaction with each other. It represented the diverse mixture of young men and women, mostly teenagers, from across the US and takes place in 1967 when the war had escalated to terrifying heights. The young men find themselves thrown into combat in Southeast Asia where they face enemy troops as well as their own fears and they struggle in a hostile environment just to keep themselves and their fellow soldiers alive.
Tour of Duty was the first televison series about the Vietnam War.

The series ran for 3 years 1987 to 1990 and followed Bravo company from their first camp at Firebase Ladybird to their eventual movement to Camp Barnett where they became a part of a Special Operations Group.
The first season of Tour of Duty was filmed entirely on location in Hawaii but was then moved to Los Angeles for season two and three.
Many of the cast and/or crew or Tour of Duty listed have websites of their own. Hyperlinks to other pages are highlighted on mouseover
Tour of Duty also starred several other talented actors and actresses who contributed to its succes. Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (Taylor), Tony Becker (Percell), Stan Foster (Johnson), Ramon Franco (Ruiz), Eric Bruskotter (Baker), Steve Akahoshi (Doc Masuta), Dan Gauthier (Lt. Johnny McKay)Betsy Brantly (Jennifer Seymour), John Dye (Doc Hoc), Joshua Maurer (Horn),Kim Delaney (Alex Devlin), Pam Gidley (Nikki Raines) and Kyle Chandler(Greiner).

The show was produced by Executive Producer Zev Braun and Producer Ronald L. Schwary. It was directed by William L. Norton.
Col. Paul Sinor served as Military advisor in Season one and Lt.Col. Mike B. Christy US Army (ret) served as military advisor from 1989 to 1990 and starred in several third season episodes as Major Duncan.
Lee Russell and Sgt. Bruce Meyers US Army (ret)also both served as military advisors to the show and are also advisors to this site.
(For more info on these stars click on their names or go to our Other Stars of Tour of Duty Page.

Exclusive pics of the long awaited
reunion of cast members in LA on May 31st !!

Attention US Fans
We currently have a FANS CAMPAIGN in progress for US Fans to three networks in the US in hopes of getting them to purchase the rights to TOD.
You can E-Mail them asking that they add Tour of Duty to their schedule.
We have added two more networks to our campaign
TV Land
The History Channel
Be sure to include your age group in your e-mail.

Message Board & Chat Room Info

Visitors & Fans: please feel free to use our TOD chatroom to chat with other fans.

UPCOMING CHATS with TOD Cast Members!!
Dan Gauthier(Lt. Johnny McKay)
will be doing a re-scheduled online chat with fans on a date to be announced.
Everyone is welcome to chat or to just visit however you must register by E-Mailing the webmaster. Once you register you will be added to the guest list.

Miguel A Nunez Jr. (Marcus Taylor) recently did an online chat with fans on Sunday April 13th and was joined by co-stars Stan Foster and Ramon Franco
Read the Chat Transcript

Attention Terry Knox Fans!!!
Terry recently did an online chat with fans on April 3, 2003 via his
Official Website
Read the Chat Transcript
We want to thank Terry for doing the chat & Roz for all her hard work in setting up the chat!!

Read a Transcript of Dan's last chat with fans on Nov. 24th 2002
See Dan's message to his fans in his Guestbook

Based on the info we received from out Chat Survey we will be hosting a weekly fans chat on Sundays at 2pm EST AND on Wednesday evenngs at 8pm EST in our Fanpage Chat Room
Check our Fans Message Board for day and time each week

Lee Russell, Lt. Col. Mike Christy and Sgt. Bruce Meyers all military advisors to Tour of Duty regularly answer fan questions about the show and it's background on our Tour of Duty Fans Message Board
Feel free to stop by and join the discussions! Great for Fan Fic writers also!

Terry Fans.. Terry's new movie An Ordinary Killer had it's Worldwide Premiere on Nov 7th.
For more info visit his
Official Website
CDI Films

What's New!
Pics from the TOD Gag Reel on the Official Terence Knox Website (Warning: Some of these pics may be offensive) (Added 8/18/2003)
The Guys and Their Gals Pics and info on the cast of TOD and their ladies (Added 8/03/2003)
Exclusive pics of the TOD cast long awaited reunion in Los Angeles on May 31st !! (Added 6/06/2002)
New downloadable Wallpaper Pic designed by TOD fan Peter Ahal (Updated 6/06/2003)
Special autographed cast pics (Added 6/06/2003)
Info on the Canada's History Television schedule for TOD / see below (Added 5/22/2003)
Chat Transcript of online chat with Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (Marcus Taylor) who was joined by his fellow co-stars Stan Foster (Marvin Johnson) and Ramon Franco ( Alberto Ruiz) See Above(Added 4/17/2003)

Some More Tour of Duty Info

Episode Inside Info
by TOD Advisor Lee Russell
The Music of Tour of Duty
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    Contests to win pic autographed by several cast members including Terry Knox, Dan Gauthier, Miguel Nunez and many more.... Stay tuned for contest details !!

    An online chat with several cast members in one chat session !! Stay tuned for details....

    An inside story by TOD Technical advisor Bruce Meyers about his experiences on the set of TOD

    "Tour of Duty "Stuff"
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    The History Channel is currently selling CD's of Vietnam Era songs titled: "The History Channel's Vietnam: Songs from the Divided House 2-CD set "
    You can check it out on their website.

    We found many "TOD Songs" on CD sets sold at
    Time Warner
    To visit their music site click on the link below.

    Check our Tour of Duty Music page for a complete listings of all TOD songs from the original episodes

    Vietnam Related Videos
    We also found some excellent video collections at
    Time Warner
    "The Battlefield Vietnam Collection"
    Click on the link below for their video site

    Patches & Other Military Insignia

    MACV patches and other Vietnam military patches

    As per TNT Programming they no longer own the rights to TOD and therefore will not be airing the show anymore.
    The rights are now owned by Sony Televison

    Tour of Duty is currently being shown as follows :

    The Official "Tour of Duty " Network in Canada

    Belgium on Saturdays at 14:15 hrs on VTM TV

    Melbourne, Australia starting on Oct.21st on Channel 7

    the Netherlands "'Veronica tv" at 20:00 hours

    Please read if you need copies of TOD episodes

    Or go to our Tapes Page

    This site was suggested to us by a fan to put on this page. We though it was an excellent site and an excellent idea to "Adopt a POW/MIA"
    Anyone interested click on the link below

    Operation Just Cause

    Attention Fans & Visitors!
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