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Where Are They Now?
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Steve Akahoshi as Doc. Randy Matsuda
After Tour of Duty Steven began working as a director/producer and has recently produced films such as "Hollywood Vampyrand Sweet Deadly Dreams
He is a partner in Silver Sky Productions.

Angela Bassett as Lt. Camille Patterson
Angela Bassett was born in 1958 in New York City. She has appeared in recent movies "Boseman & Lena" in 2000 and will be appearing in "The Score" in 2001. She was also the Executive Producer of "The Rosa Parks Story" in 2002.

Angela Bassett
*pic courtesy of Beautiful Black Women Online

Tony Becker as Cpl.Danny Percell
Tony appeared in several movies including Agent Red and The Theresa Stamper Story as well as being a regular on The Waltons TV Series. He recently complted a new Walton Movie titled " The Love of May"

Tony in Agent Red
*pic courtesy of The Unofficial Tony Becker Website

Betsy Brantley as Dr. Jennifer Seymour
Betsy was born in North Carolina in 1955. She has made several movies and appeared in several tv shows since Tour of Duty including "Deep Impact" in 1998, "Double Jeopardy" in 1999 and "The Angel Dolls" in 2000.

Eric Bruskotter as Spec. Scott Baker
Eric's tv and movie credits since Tour of Duty include Big League, Crimson Tide, The Practice,and NBC's Providence

Eric in The Practice 2001
*pic courtesy of The Unofficial Eric Bruskotter Website

Stephen Caffrey as Lt. Myron Goldman
Stephen has done several movies and tv appearances since Tour of Duty including Touched by An Angel and the HBO movie Blowback. He has also done theater work in both New York and Los Angeles

Stephen in "Blowback" 2000

Kyle Chandler as Pvt. William Griner
Kyle was born in 1965 in Buffalo, NY. He appeared in the movie "Angel's Dance" in 1999 and was a regular on the TV series "Early Edition" in 1996.

Kyle Chandler 2000
*pic courtesy of Kyle Chandler Edition

Lt. Col. Mike Christy as Major Duncan (season 3)
Col. Christy has appeared in several movies such as Enter the Dragon, River of No Return & Inchon. He has also produced and written several documentaries for The History Channel .

Col. Mike Christy
*pic courtesy of Michael Christy. Printed with permission

Kevin Conroy as Cpt. Rusty Wallace
Kevin was the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN, and THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES from 1992-1999, and the voice of Bruce Wayne on BATMAN BEYOND from 1999-2001, He will be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman in the tv video movie The Mystery of the Batwoman to be released in 2003.

* Info Courtesy of The Kevin Conroy Homepage

Kevin Conroy 2000
*pic courtesy of Joanne Claeys

Kim Delaney as Alex Devlin
Kim Delaney was born in 1961 in Philadelphia Pa. Some of her movie credits since Tour of Duty include "The Devil's Child" in 1997, "Closer and Closer" in 1995 and "Mission to Mars" (aka M2M) in 2000. Kim has starred in the ABC series "NYPD Blue and "Philly" as well as the CBS series CSI Miami in 2002.

Kim in Philly

John Dye as Doc Hoc
John has starred in Perfect Weapon, The Best of the Best, Big Man on Campus, and, Campus Man and CBS's Touched by an Angel
His most recent movie was "Twice Upon a Christmas" in 2001

John in TBAA

Stan Foster as Spec. Marvin Johnson
Stan has appeared in Breach of Conduct and has been directing, writing,and producing of films such as Homeboys in Outer Space,a writer & producer of Hood Rat in 2001 and most recently as a writer on the movie "Hangman's Curse". He is currently working on producing a new movie based on the life of opera singer Denyce Graves in which Angela Bassett will play the lead role.

Stan 2001

Ramon Franco as Spec. Alberto Ruiz
Ramon appeared in several movies and tv series including Pennsacola Wings of Gold, Murder She Wrote and most recently Philly & Boomtown.
His most recent movie was a tv movie titled "Foto-Novelas II: Junkyard Saints"

Ramon in Philly

Dan Gauthier as Lt. Johnny McKay
Dan has appeared in several tv shows and movies including Illegal in Blue, The Right Hook, and several episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. He recently completed a William Shatner movie titled "Groom Lake" which is currently out on video.

Dan in "Nash Bridges 2000"

Pamela Gidley as Lt. Niki Raines
Pamela was born in 1965 in Salem, New Hampshire. She worked as a model prior to her appearance in Tour of Duty. She has appeared in "The Treat" in 1998 and "The Little Vampire" in 2000. She also starred as Brigitte in the tv series "The Pretender" from 1997 -1999.
Her most recent movie was "Luster" in 2002.

Pamela in The Pretender
*pic courtesy of Lois's Daily Planet-The Pretender Pages

Terence Knox as Sgt. Zeke Anderson
Terry has done several tv and movie appearances since Tour of Duty, the latest being a guest role in ABC's Philly.
His most recent movie was "An Ordinary Killer" in 2002.

Terry in Philly Dec 2001

Lee Majors as Pvt. Pop Scarlett
Lee has starred in several movies since Tour of Duty including Bionic Everafter & The Ice Cream Man. and "Out Cold".
His most recent movies include "Fate" and "Arizona Summer" both to be released in 2003.

Lee in "Out Cold"
*pic courtesy of The Unofficial Lee Majors Page

Joshua Maurer as Pvt. Roger Horn
Joshua has appeared in the movies Taken Away and Gettysburg and has also produced such films as Dodson's Journey and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
His most recent projects include producing "The Pentagon Papers" and "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" both in 2003.

Josh in Gettysburgh

Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. as Spec. Marcus Taylor
Miguel has done many movies, including Life and The Klummps, and tv appearances in Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Sparks. His most recent movie "Juwanna Mann" opened in June 2002.
He is currently working on a tv drama police series "Tarzan " which will air on Warner Brothers network in the fall of 2003. e has just finished a new movie "Juwanna Mann" which will be released in the Spring of 2002.

Miguel in Juwanna Mann
*pic courtesy of Warner Brothers/Morgan Creek Productions. Printed with permission

Carl Weathers as Colonel Brewster (Season 2 & 3)
Carl has appeared in several movies such as Little Nicky, Shadow Warriors II and Happy Gilmore. He also did guest appearances on several episodes of In the Heat of the Night.
His most recent projects include directing the tv series " For the People"

Carl Weathers 2001

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